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About Us

Meet The Team At Cube Club

We have created a little bit of space here so you can get to know the people behind the company a little bit better, and what we are trying to achieve. 

Why Cube Club?

So getting to the big question, why have we created cube club? what is it? what are we supposed to do with it? 

let me explain, we are a company founded by Kickstarter on that platform through regular campaigns we noticed that some of the best ideas and interactions come from talking directly with the backers aka metmo enthusiasts! we really felt like it was a shame when our projects would end and so would the ability of all our supporters to have open and meaningful discussions with us the creators and the team. 


So we started the MetMo Cube Club, a place where we could share updates but also everyone could come together share experiences, ideas and ask questions, over the years the community has grown and in the spring of 2023 we had to make some upgrades to our original platform to safeguard it as a useful place for new supports and members for a long time to come. Some of these changes included the separate hosting of cube club to its own site although still linked to our shop it is very much a stand alone platform that has space to grow! 

We want to cultivate a rich and welcoming environment for engineers and enthusiasts of our product to continue to be able to share problems, successes and any random thoughts in general! We are also looking to lay the foundations for a shared learning resources to inspire a future generation of engineers! we noticed that we work with a lot of engineers many with a lifetime of experiences and knowledge that in the UK at least is not getting passed down the the next generation, so we wanted to create a safeguarded space where this knowledge could be recorded and shared and kept free for all of us like minded individuals. 


If you are keen on contributing just sign up and start posting, we would love to hear from you! any silent readers out there i hope you find it useful and interesting! 

Meet The CubeClub Team 

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