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We Are Fulfilled!

Hi everybody!

Today we shipped out the last of the Helicos to everyone who has completed their surveys 🎉🎆

Thank you all so much for supporting the campaign and making Helico a reality. We're getting great feedback on Helico and we hope you're all enjoying using yours. 

We'd love to see any dexterity tricks you guys have figured out whilst using them, if you could tag @MetMo.eng on instagram with any videos that would be awesome!

Those who've not yet received their Helicos, don't worry, they're on their way to you 😁

If you can't see your backer number in our tracking spreadsheet, we've not yet received your shipping details. Please check your Kickstarter accounts and email boxes to fill in the surveys or you can message us your details instead if you wish.

Once again, thank you to everybody for your support in making Helico come to life. It wouldn't have been possible without each and every one of you.

We've got something else we've been working on in the pipeline which we'll be able to share more details about soon. We think you'll all love it.

And finally Hellico is now available in our store, so if you are after an extra one or a stand check out our shop

Peg & Team MetMo

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