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Quality Control and Production Update

Hey everyone!

We've got some awesome news and unfortunately some less awesome news.

Lets start with the awesome news: MetMo cubes will begin shipping this week!

For the less awesome news - we've now taken them all through our quality control procedures. This has taken longer than we'd planned for because some of the cubes fell short of our expectations and we are now working with the manufacturer to get these corrected. This will unfortunately add on some extra manufacture time to these cubes. However, the majority of the cubes are excellent and we will be shipping these over the next week. 

The final count of cubes ready to be built:

Passed QC: 261

Failed QC: 89

The failed cubes do work but they're just not good enough and we don't want to send out 'passable' products only to have your expectations not met when you receive them. This is not what we're about. 

I hope you can understand this and we're working as quickly as possible with the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

So what happens next?

The only fair way of distributing the finished cubes is to choose backer numbers at random, so we will be doing this over the next week as we pack up each MetMo Cube. We will post a tracking sheet on Google Docs soon so you can see what stage your MetMo is at and this will be updated regularly.

For the people who don't win 'MetMo Bingo' we really want to make it up to you, so we're going to be offering free personalisation on your cube. This can be a name, quote, or even an image (if you have an outline vector file). We will be in touch closer to your shipping date for your choice.  

Any questions, just let us know!

Team MetMo

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